my blurb book...

 (Should I admit that one reason for getting this photo book of our kids was just so I could goof around with the cover like this?  No?  Ok, forget I said that then).
Yes ~ I got my first ever book published!  Thanks to winning a Blurb book giveaway from cute Carly's blog. I had a lot of fun formatting and framing a bunch of pictures of our daughter and son in their 'early years' for this book.  I kept it pretty simple.  Just an intro on how they were born, and some sweet shots... you know, the stuff you never remember to print in to pictures in real life but just fill all your computer's memory with!

Overall I was pretty delighted with how it all turned out.  Though, I do regret using the Europe Underground font now that it's so hard to read!
I'm just glad we now have a real book to mark the memories of our kids in their early years.  I was getting sick of feeling guilty about not scrapbooking/journaling their every moment on earth.... hah!

Oh, and one more thing:

muahahahhahah... there's your dose of cuteness turned creepy for the day!
You're welcome.

Have you ever made a photo book?
I've never been into scrap-booking (though it seems to be a worldwide phenomenon now).. so the chance to design this online was much more appealing to me. 

So, there's my blurb, c'mon over for tea sometime and I'll show the rest to you!
Mel ;o)

P.S:  Yes, the hair is now 'ebony' brown.. though I think it is more like 'soot' brown, bleh.  Still planning to paint that fire engine red over the blonde streak again, too!


  1. Coolio! Your book looks so darling!
    I've been planning on making several books for the family and one for some awesome neighbours that moved away but it hasn't happened... Many years ago I made a wee book for my sister in law for her birthday and I can't even remember what website I used.
    It's so great that this service exists. My sister is really into scrapbooking. It's a great hobby but I have never found the time to consider getting into it. Like you, being able to do it on line is very appealing to me.
    Hope you're having a fun weekend!

  2. Yes - it was quite a user friendly site that allowed you to crop/customize everything as you went along. I think the gift idea is key.. since it's a completely unique creation for those who would care for the book.. (gets a little pricey when you make it best quality tho). Weekend is a fun blur, thanks, you? Hope your mama found that 'parcel' I dropped off there for you?? xx

  3. Love this! I have made one for my mum every Christmas since Oliver was born. Its so great now that we have a collection to look at them in order :) The first one starts at birth and ends at Christmas, then the next picks up in January, ends with Christmas and so on :) Its getting much harder though now with 2! One can get carried away! I have to be a strict editor so I don't end up with 100 pages! I wish :)

  4. I love the idea of these books. It's so nice to have your photos in a book that will last forever and won't have stickers and papers that can fade or fold or bend or whatever.

    Also, you are a total creeper. TOTAL creeper. ;)

  5. ha! That's probably true, guilty on all counts of creepiness! You should totally make a cool book with all those travel shots of your gypsy ways... ;o)

  6. so cute. hysterical post:)...
    love this idea!!


  7. thanks luv! Now you, YOU would be scrapbooking queen of all scrapbookers... I need you to teach me the fine art of how to appreciate such mediums as paper/glue/glitter/stamps/digi's!! lol

  8. Ohahahahahha. That's pretty funny. I think I need a Blurb book too so that i can do photos like those. Heee. I've been meaning to make a photo book for Stella, but ahem, a year and a half later, well....I'm nothing if not a the best at procrastinating

  9. Omigoodnessgracious.. if you make one - I want it! You're one my favourite mama-razzi's out there. I'm a procrastinator too.. thankfully there was a 'deadline' to claim the giveaway book by.. so that meant I waited till the last moment to finish this book off! [phew]. ;o)

  10. I have scrapbooked for a really (really) long time, but I think if I was just getting in to it now, I would be much more interested in these kinds of photo books (combined with art journaling...but that's another story!)

    I am thinking of putting one of these bad boys together for my Mom for Christmas. How was your experience with Blurb? ie. If you had to pay money for your book, would you still go with them?!

  11. Yes, you are a scrap-booking wizard! As to your question... I'm not sure that I have the 'experience' to say if Blurb is better than any other online site out there.. but they definitely make the process as easy and clear as possible for even 'technically-deficient' designers like moi. The trick with the final product is that the 'more you pay' the better options you get (i.e.. hardcover, heavier, better paper quality). I still found the pictures were more 'grainy' than I though they would be ..almost expected it to look like a printed photograph.. so it was a smidgen more blurry than that. Anywho.. good luck with your project!! ;o)


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