mini-sized me...

 My husband and I have a running joke in our home... whenever one of the kids is being particularly spastic... we'll remark: "you know that's your side coming out in them"!
It's quite a funny/frightening thing really, watching these lil' individuals start mimicking and mirroring your own behaviour.
I find that whole debate of nature vs. nurture fascinating.
I always wonder how much of what kids are 'born with' gets displayed vs. what they learn.

Truth be told, it's pretty clear that my girl is just a mini-sized me right now: 

 I see her silly faces and realise I'm making them too.
While her personality, vocabulary and expressions are getting more hilarious each day.
Though she still knows how to work a massive-meltdown in 0-60 seconds (that's all her... Ben and I don't have meltdowns...much).

Her and I are delighted by a lot of the same things:
snuggling. sugar. exploring trails. painting. music/dancing. family. chocolate.

Other traits we share:
If it's hot out.. the first place we sweat is on our nose (yep, like a healthy puppy).
We both have smelly feet.
A shared impish nature.
 A desire to 'know the plan' for the day (Azi always says: "Who are we going to visit today, mama?").
We also act shy/overwhelmed in new social settings.. but soon get comfortable and start bossing everyone around.
 Seriously, this has got to be one of the craziest experiences in life.
Birthing a new humanoid into the world.. and day by day... watching them unfold as completely unique/wild/wonderful persons!
Gosh, I hope we don't screw her up too badly.
I mean, kids really inspire us to get our act together.
You want to model all the best traits you can muster for them to aspire to/beyond.  
Love. Faith. Hospitality. Creativity. Sincerity. Character.

It's such a sacred stewardship to be entrusted with the care of these young souls.

There I go, getting overwhelmed again... with love for these kiddos in our nest.
I'm such a sucker for them.

Anyway, it's Small Style day ~ where I link up with other mamas and their cuties.
As usual Azriel's crazy-colourful outfit is all thrifted/second hand (Old Navy mainly).. plus that wee scarf I cut to size (Hurley).

Rainbow bright's mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. Your little mini you is SO cute! I love all of your similarities...they cracked me up! I definitely think she looks like you, too- you're both beauties!

  2. Holy wow, what pressure! I bet a lot of people (including a wee part of me) wish their parents had thought about how their actions, both good and bad, could/can affect their kids and how they develop. I have some weird anxieties and neuroses that were definitely passed down, for better or for worse, from my parents.
    I think you're little lady is going to grow up to be quite the firecracker.... if she's on the path to becoming her mama! :)

  3. hehe, it's a good pressure though ~ a 'reality check' to be the 'best' version of yourself you can be (hopefully) for the sake of it's influence on your kids! lol Yah, the older I get - the more I see how my own childhood steered me in some ways... not that I can hold my folks accountable for my own actions now.. it's just interesting to become more aware, and wow-who'd-a-thunk-it.. be able to CHANGE! ;o) Thanks dude. xx

  4. Aww, we say thank you sweet mama! xx

  5. On the whole nature/nurture thing, there's a joke in my family about the stork stand (standing on one leg, other foot pressed into other thigh, kinda like tree pose in yoga). My sister and I both do it, we thought it was a learned behaviour (though we joked it was a family thing) until we discovered that our cousin does it too...so these funny gestures, movements, etc, they really CAN be nature, I think. ha.
    Anyway, your sweet miss is sweet. Love her little colourful sweater. And her finge.

  6. Claudia Guerreiro4 October 2012 at 23:24

    she even has your funky hair do ;). i so know what you mean about wanting to be the best example because yes, these little ones are sponges just soaking everything in. it's scary and amazing all at once.

  7. Yes ~ I'm a one-cut-wonder here.. chopping my hair & the girl's the same way! ;o) Sponges.. it's true. Thanks for popping in claudia! ;o)

  8. Ha.. that is wild. Kind of like twins separated at birth and when they find themselves years later they already act/live in such similar ways! Amazing .. crazy.. stuff, really.
    "Finge" ?? Happy weekend gypsy mama! xx

  9. Hi Mel! I tried to leave's you a comment yesterday, but the blog was being finicky! Anyway, it's been a while since I visited, and like Avery, Azriel has gotten so big- love her little haircut! That's one thing I love about having kids- seeing the ways they are like us. I have a friend who has an adopted daughter, and she's read that even adopted children begin to LOOK like their adoptive family, because they mimic facial expressions, etc. Yes, nature vs. nurture is fascinating!

  10. Hey there Corey, thanks for your patience to try commenting again! That's really neat about the adopted kids developing the similarities too. Thanks for stopping in, love reconnecting with small style mamas! ;o)

  11. We only have one kid, but I can already start to see parts of me (and my husband) showing up in Dude! It will be funny to see what happens if he assumes some of Russel's traits that bug me (and vice versa). Oops!!

  12. Ha! Double trouble then, I'd say! ;o)

  13. She is so adorable!! And my hubby and I do the same thing except we start with "I never did that as a kid. And YOUR dad is so...." Wrong? lol.
    "see" you Thursday.


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