Recent fabric fun(gi)... SHOP update too!

If you're mad for mushrooms... or a fanatic for fungi... well, you're in good company here.
I love them.  (But you already knew that... right?).
So did my sweet friend, who returned home from her trip to the States with lovely fabrics for all her sewing buddies ~ I scored a whole medley of woodland themed prints!
This mushroom fabric especially got me swooning.. and stitching:
Currently I think I'm still stitching this 'ode to mushrooms' piece. I'm just not sure if I want to use colours to fill in the stitched area, or add text...  (sigh) every crafter/artisan always faces that moment of - "Is this where I stop... or do I keep adding to the piece?"!

Now, if you too, love mushrooms... get in here and check out some fabric fungi embroidered hoops from my Shop!

[Two stitched mushrooms atop a hill of apple green, turquoise, and gold toned fabrics.]
7" plastic tan hoop.

[Vintage mushroom cluster perched over apple green, turquoise, peach lace and delicate floral fabrics].
9" plastic wood grain hoop.

[Vintage mushroom cluster nestled in charcoal brown, linen, sage fleece and turquoise fabrics].
10.5" high cinnamon coloured plastic hoop.


Prices listed are Canadian currency... and mailing worldwide (via ground delivery) will be an added $5.  I have PayPal located in the side bar here under the "donate" button.

**Please e-mail me at: needleandnestdesign@live.com to arrange an order.**

I can also do custom work if you're hatching some creative 'Christmas' plans!

Feel free to check out what else is still available in the SHOP..  I try to keep posts updated as things sell, so you can peruse what interests you there.


Thanks friends,
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
I'm eager to sneak in a hot date with a certain hubby (the rarity of a dinner out makes it that much more special nowadays)!
See you on the flip side,

Mel ;o)


  1. I know it's not done yet, but I REALLY want the first one. Is there a way I can get my hands on that sucker!?

    Also, I just checked out your "shop" posts. Holy woman! I didn't know you were so versatile. You've dabbled in all areas. It's awesome and crazy and such a welcome surprise. You are talented, my friend.

  2. hehe... well of course we could arrange that.. for YOU miss mushroom hunter! ;o) Thanks for the kind encouragement.. I am bit ADHD with creative expression. lol
    That first piece you're wanting is 8" across. $25. (plus $5 shipping... so, $30). Do you want it as is, or embroider something on it.. (like, "Ian forever" ..or, something)? Just shout off an e-mail to me here and we can arrange some fun ~ boy, would I love to send you something(s)! ;o)

  3. Ick. Ian forever. That's enough to make me vom! Haha. I like it as is, but I don't want to stifle your creative process. If you feel the desire to do something more (something that doesn't include a terrible love poem to my boyfriend), I would totally support that as well.
    Shall I just hit up the ol' Paypal with 30 bones? Is that how you get my address or do I need to legit email you. (It seems I suck at the internet and can't figure things out for myself. Yikes!)

  4. I love these! Really, really super cute!
    The Alexander Henry mushroom fabric you used in the first one is one of my very favorite fabrics ever! I made napkins from it and then got all hoardy about it and ordered a few yards just to have on hand in case there was a time I could no longer get it!

  5. Hey, thanks so much! Did you order it from the states then? Seems we never get these kind of fun prints in our town's fabricland.... way to hoard that awesome fabric (now I know who to go swipe it from!) ;o)


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