A tale of two chinnies...

Hudson in his first month (February 2012)
Ever since our Hudson was born... he's always had one defining characteristic.

The manly chin.
The Kirk Douglas.
The dimple.
I always attributed it to his daddy, saying "look Ben, Hud has your bum-chin!".
(Ben never quite agreed...).

I couldn't think of anyone else in our family/relatives who shared this feature...
...until this past weekend when my Mom showed me this picture:

That is my Mom's great-uncle... which makes him Hudson's triple-great uncle (or something like that).  A chin off the ol' bloke I guess.
Did you inherit any features from your family?

I'm still waiting to see if he gets my dimples...

Mel ;o)


  1. My son got my dads strawberry blonde hair except it's more blonde than strawberry. And since he looks so much like me everyone always asks who is dad is. I love Hudsons chin!

  2. hehe, he sounds like a cutie! Wait a minute... the moose boy.. he IS a cutie! We love this chin here (and the rest of him) too. ;o)

  3. I have a chin dimple too, from my Dad, also got his lopsided nostrils. We're an attractive bunch!

  4. LOL! You know how to rock it pretty mama~ xx


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