would that I could chuck wood...

Deer fleece moccasins made by myself... keeping those darling toes cosy.
We have wood floors.
Sure, they're nice to look at.
But my, how they do protest, creak, and squeak to be trod upon.

I should try sewing a pair of moon-shoe moccasins for myself to float over the floors with.
Because 'sneaking' just doesn't happen around this nest.
Despite my best attempts at side-stepping and soft-shoeing, 
or my dizzy ballerina pirouettes and prancing hops... I still hit a nerve on that wooden beast.
So, I try to 'think light thoughts' and tip-toe upstairs, hoping to not wake the early-to-rise baker husband... or kids tucked in to their beds, but it's hopeless.


I may as well have strapped a bag of potato chips under my feet.

Mel ;o)

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