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 Well lovelies, I figure it's about time I show you another thrifty upcycle of my clothing here.
A simple little sewing project this time around.

 This cosy cardigan from a blogger-clothing-swap (was it Jen's, or Carly's?)... and a retro bus seat cover got a whole new look!
(*Bus seats c/o our neighbours turning a bus in to a camping 'trailer'!).
A folded square cut in to a heart shaped patch.
I loooooove this aged leather look from the underside of the seat cover, and it's so easy to stitch through.  (Wishing I had hoarded all their bus seats for more of this leather).

I heart elbow patches.
So tempted to slap a pair on every sweater I own!
(You may recall I used to use my beloved doilies for another spin on this look).


Elbowing my way through upcycled fashion,

Mel ;o)


  1. My Mel, what neat stitching you have!
    How cute!!!

  2. I love this. I am going to be featured in a local magazine about my blog. I am going to mention your blog as one of my favorites. Cheers!

  3. hey thanks laura! Which zine?

  4. Well thanks... I try to stitch in the lines sometimes ;o). Yours, I am.

  5. I love elbow pads. These heart ones are really cute!

  6. thanks.. aren't patches the best?! I could see you pulling off bright red ones! ;o)


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