Our crew... right now.

 Oh hi ~ here we all are posing amidst the shrubbery.
So, I wanted to get some new pictures of our crew in our favourite season.

 And as you may have noticed... update the corner family shot here on the blog ----->
I guess not much has changed from the summer shot.. other than my fire-engine red hair (now a washed out flop of bleached/dark roots mess...about-to-be-dyed-ebony!). Oh, and the fact that Hudson is wearing clothes (he had just blasted out his diaper/shirt before the summer picture was taken!). Fun times, I tell you.

 Once again, daughter Azriel decides to prank the photo-shoot and barge in on Ben and I's snuggle time.
Pretty much sums up our life.

We just keep laughing through it all.

I love this shot.
It perfectly depicts what I feel for my guy.
Not to steam up your screens with all my mushing on about him... but that scruffy, bearded, rarely-catch-him-smiling-on-camera man is all kinds of wonderful to us.

And right now, well, he's only been up baking since 3am... and he's currently prepping a meal for tomorrow (to help me around the house).. and it's 9pm!
I'm a lucky lady.

Wait.. why am I writing this? The kids are both asleep... and we're actually awake together!
Gotta go.

Mel ;o)



  1. lol...yeah-- get outta here!! ;)

    beautiful, genuine shots. love them!!

  2. hehe, thanks Krista... we caught a few moments together (though by that point he was an inch away from zombie-status!). Lovely to have you back busy lady! xx

  3. What great photos! So cute!

  4. Great family photos!

  5. Thanks! It's amazing what you can achieve by setting up a tripod/timer.. and then crashing like a mad fool through the shrubs to pose 'naturally'! ;o)

  6. Hey you, thanks so much... congrats to you and your man too...newlywed bliss! ;o)

  7. Yes you are, I mean.. oh, us? Thanks! ;o)

  8. Such great shots! I love the fall don't you? Makes for such a beautiful back drop.
    Ebony?! Love! If I could wear any color...that would be it. Can't wait to see it.

  9. Thanks Susan.. and yes, Fall is best! Hehe.. I will keep you posted.. hair is waiting for the 'time' to get done here ;o)


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