thar she blues...

 Anybody out there remember that I paint?
Yeah, I barely did either.. it's been too long.  
What with having the kidlets, and focusing on more manageable sewing and crafting projects, the brushes have been left sitting dry.

That's why I'm so thankful for good people (great friends) who inspired me to do this commission, and this one too... and now, I've got a new.blue.view order to create!

Just slapping the canvas with wet paints is a rekindled thrill.
But what's even more fun?  My 'resident-artist' was beside me:

 Having recently purged our hoarders.nasty.clutter.junk-pit garage, there was a sheltered space for us to get messy and have fun.
Two tandem painters.
Two easels, and canvasses covered with colour.

The fact that we both love painting (and sticking our tongues out to concentrate better) is such a fun part of our relationship.
Not to mention the hilarious sweetness of her ecstatic dance/singing that comes with her creative groove:

  (If you make it past the first.slow.30 seconds.. it gets pretty sweet, but I am biased).

I love my wee artist's style.

Azriel is wearing:
carbon black
(Ok... and a Crayola paint smock over a cute Owl shirt from Old Navy and grey pants from JOE...  which may not 'count' as style for the Small Style link-up crew, but I think it's pretty funny)!

She blue me away,
like she does everyday.

Mel ;o)


  1. Claudia Guerreiro11 October 2012 at 07:55

    i paint also and my Lily loves to paint as well!! we however are not as fortunate with such a great painting space/studio. i think it's great that you are back into it. i know your artist soul is happy :)

  2. I'm envious of this talent! Where can I see some of your stuff? She's adorable and I love the original description of her outfit.

  3. Maybe if I clicked on your link huh? Wow. I just had a peek at your paintings section. You are ridiculously talented. In awe of you.

  4. OMG your paintings are beautiful! Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  5. My pleasure Natasha, thanks so much for your kind compliment... you can always see my various mash-up of creative stuffs......----------------> under that title on the right: "see my HeART here". Fyi. ;o)

  6. heheh... gosh! Thanks so much Susan.. you're a sweet soul!

  7. Yes you do! Your paintings are very expressive! We are glad to have some room for now.. though once the colder weather hits, it's not an option again. Back to the living room floor/bedroom studio! ;o) Thanks for the encouragement.

  8. Love the little hand!
    She is just too precious!

  9. Agreed! Her silly lil' songs/dances/antics are pretty amusing around this nest. ;o)


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