confessions [of an artist] part 10.

 Well friends, it's that wild and wonderful time of year again.
Or, to belt it out in song: "It's the most wonderful craftiest time of the yearrrrrr"!
Time to get my craft on.

 The sewing machine is whirring.
The glue gun is burning.
The jewellery pliers are pinching.
The power-drill is spinning.
 (And I still have all my fingers!)
The paintbrush is dancing.
The scissors are cutting.
And the stamps are stomping.

Christmas craft shows are worth being well stocked for.

Now to figure out how to create a few more hours in the day!

Confession: I love and loathe it really.
Creating is my narcotic.
So is productivity.
Pounding out a pile of unique treasures is really exhilarating.
But, finding that balance with home-making and art-making is sometimes exhausting.

Needless to say, it's still a wonderful time of year and I'm super eager to share with you all the new goodies hatching out of this nest in the coming weeks!
P.S. The sane voice in my brain (usually my husband's...) says that I should probably quit blogging during this phase... but who are we kidding, we all know the other voices in my head just won't shut up. blog.blog.blog.

P.P.S ~ For all you local yokels... save your Christmas cash for some handmade craftiness coming at you live Dec. 8 & 9th... more details to follow!

Creatively, crazily, yours!
Mel ;o)



  1. Don't exhaust yourself, my friend. Good luck with your mad craft dash. I'm in the midst of writing a post about your amazingness, so it's only fitting that I read this post now. I send tons of love your way.

    P.S. There's a little something in the mail for you!! I hope it brings you all kinds of happiness, like your parcel brought me. xxxooo

  2. Awww... you big chunk of sweetness ~ I LOVE mail (unless its a flaming brown bag of poo). You're great! xx

  3. blytheponytailparades26 October 2012 at 09:06

    I always look forward to this part of the year…"LET THE CRAFTING BEGIN!" Haha! So much cute stuff to do for the holidays.

  4. It's crafters like you that make me love this time of year. I want to see all the little treasures and wish I could buy them all!

  5. I can't wait to see what you're creating! I don't have enough hours in the day (to myself) either, but you always inspire me with the amazing things you manage to do. Have FUN!

  6. Aww thanks friend! I love creating.. and inspiring others to do so too? Well, that's the best compliment ever. ;o)

  7. Ooooooh I do believe you should road trip to P.dot for this event, then I can meet you in real life too! ;o)

  8. True... always fun to create like mad during this time! ;o)

  9. yay!! you added the Google button...or maybe i just missed it every time i've looked before?...thank you either way... and good luck with getting your crafty on!! <3

  10. Haha.. yes, I did add it ( just a wee while ago.. I always disliked it before... lol). Sooo, you're welcome if it means I get to have you here more often! ;o)
    Thank you sweets!!


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