costumes. cakes. coughs.. oh my!

 Ok, are you ready for this?
If last week's dress-up post didn't overwhelm you with cuteness... this one may do the trick.

Our lil' lady Azriel was celebrating her 3rd birthday this weekend (though, officially it's monday).  So, as you may recall, we dressed her up for it:
This year's woodland theme: Lil' Red Riding Hood.

 This was my first year making two costumes... enter on stage right: Hudson the big bad fat wolf!  Pretty sure I was the one wanting to gobble him all up, though.

 Oh yes we did.
We did do that.
Family dress-up portrait...  and it's only fitting that I would play the cougar Grandma, while Ben was the strapping woodsman.  What I love most in this shot is Hudson's fat belly, and furry tail sticking out the back... adorable.

Yes, we managed to have some good laughs despite a weekend that looked more like a tragic comedy around this nest.
Namely, our girl got quite feverish/caught a cold... so we had to cancel her little party with her friends.  We still shared her germs love with the in-laws/family though, and she enjoyed  every minute of it (especially the balloons).

We probably should have dressed like zombies (like every other person on the planet) since that's how we felt most of the weekend... and I'm fairly convinced that our kids lack the 'ability' to sleep through the night.. like, ever.  But, who needs sleep when there's all this cuteness
and cuddles to be had?!

So there it is, your dose of cute for the day.

Happy #3 to our dear daughter Azi!



  1. I so love that you all dressed up - that Ben is an amazingly gracious woodsman.
    Hudson looks like a boy now (in wolf's clothing of course.)
    Aunt D

  2. Haha! You guys are the sweetest. I LOVE all of your costumes and I think it's totally amazing that you and Ben dressed up as well. Happy birthday to Azriel!!

  3. I'm a little partial to the wolf in the story myself.. I'm really just a wolf masquerading as a grandma myself LOL

  4. That is SO great! We got a good laugh- looks like you had some fun, and you have the photos to prove it. Good for you! Those costumes are great- Adorable children. Wish we could see you guys soon.

  5. hehe, THANKS Cristi, glad we could amuse (amaze) you guys there... lol! Would be great to visit sometime for sure!!

  6. Heheh... true enough Grandma Wolf ~ my what big eyes you have! ;o) Thanks for popping in!

  7. Awww... thanks bud. I'll pass on the birthday wishes! ;o)

  8. Who knew Ben actually likes 'dressing up' for laughs?! That was news to me.. though to be honest, his 'costume' doesn't look too different from his normal attire: plaid/jeans! :o) xo


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