Shop the Nest: Neck.Lace (last of their kind)...

Today is the day to shop the nest again!
I was just going through some of my jewellery inventory and discovered I have only two of my unique neck.lace lovelies left here.
(You may recall how I used up the rest of this special lace for a custom wedding order last year).

 This one is a favourite of mine. 
I love how the delicate blooms trail up the side of the neckline.
The chain is a milky silver tone with a lobster clasp at the back.
$30 (FREE shipping).

This reminds me of a lotus flower... or angel wings.. what do you see?
A small crystalline jewel is nestled in the centre.
A milky silver chain with lobster clasp hovers it gently over your collarbone.
$30 (FREE shipping).

**Once these sell.. that's the last of their kind!  So please get your order in quickly if you do have your heart set on one of them: needleandnestdesign@live.com.** 

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)


  1. You are such a clever chicken!

  2. why, thank you! xx

  3. Am I weird if I see a mustache?!!???

  4. baha.. oh, you!


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