I love the light at this time of year.
As our side of the globe is slowly tucking itself down in to winter, and the sunbeams and shadows seem to stretch out in one more glorious hallelujah before hibernating.

 Our master bedroom feels like I'm standing in a painting by Rembrandt.. or better yet, my favourite master painter: Caravaggio.  The intense saturation of dark and light during this 'golden hour' of the evenings is wonderful to behold.

Granted, the early darkness of this season does make it feel like a bazillion-o'clock when it's only 8:30 at night.  But that's alright... early to bed is a parent's sneaky way of 'sleeping in' with kids that rise before dawn!

Just trying to look at the bright side of insomnia motherhood,

Mel ;o)


  1. Is that a genuine display of taxidermy I see?

  2. toothless beaver? Yes... he creeped me out - but Ben wanted him when the stillman folks offered .. so here he is, and he's kind of won me over now. ;o)

  3. yup.
    you know it's coming ...
    you can't post a photo of it without me saying it ...

    Nice beaver!

    p.s. love all the spicy colours the light brings out in your boudoir:)

  4. oh you.
    Soooooooo mature, you are! ;o)
    p.s... now that winter is coming I'm actually re-loving these warm spicy colours.. since all summer i just wanted to paint it WHITE! Funny, everyone calls it a boudoir when they see our room...


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