confessions [of an artist].part.6.

 I'm excited to show you one of my latest commissioned paintings here.  
First, can I just say I am blessed with some pretty swell friends...  friends who see the value of creating. reflecting 'truth is beauty'. through art. 
and they support me to pursue it!
I'm grateful for these kinds of friends.
One such couple launched me forward into this commissioned piece:
* using Joseph Turner's palette/paint approach
* inspired by Gerard Hopkins' poetry
* paint something unique

oh boy. oh boy. I love this kind of formula to launch from!
Joseph Turner only happened to be one of my favourite.inspirational painters of all time.  You can see here that one of my copies of his works is well used.

 Below are details from the finished painting... with corresponding lines from a Gerard Hopkins poem called "God's Grandeur"...which inspired my creation.

Wasn't that beautiful?  I had never heard of this poet until my friend suggested his poems to inspire my paintbrush...  I love the imagery of creation re.birthing what man would have tainted.
And here's the full view of the painting:

I was happy with how it turned out - though I had to wrestle it through a few stages. 
Thankfully, my friends loved it too (phew!).

The best part though?  They asked their 4 year old daughter what she thought of the painting and she said: "Great! God's in it"!

Well that just tickles me down to my paint-splotched toes. 
For I want Him to get the glory for the gift He's given me. 

Colour me blessed,
Mel ;o)


  1. Heather Alayne Anderson14 October 2011 at 23:18

    To God be the glory - great painting, great blog, great friend :)

  2. your paintings have such rich and incredible movement! ah! so so beautiful!


  3. breathtaking.

  4. Incredible Melissa! Must see more!


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