D.I.Y - doily toddler shirt

Yes friends today is the 'cuter version' of how to upcycle your doilies... since our last post covered stitching them onto the 'big mamas' sweater.  My gal Azriel is in a particularly adorable frame of mind to show off this sweet addition to her striped onesie.

Who could resist those puppy eyes.. c'mon really?
Maybe she learned it from her mama since this is the look I give Ben when I want chocolate.

So here's the super fast.stupid easy.tutorial (you know, my specialty of do.it.yourself projects!)
Grab your granny's doily, grab your daughter's onesie/shirt.

1. Fold doily in half over the collar of shirt.
2. Run a zig-zag stitch border around the doily (seen in red above).

That's it!  That's quick!
(I didn't even trim the doily inside the shirt.. it adds a good backing/stiffness to the shirt front.)

Now the key is restraint to not add these to all her shirts!
Azriel is wearing:
Upcycled onesie: mama-made.
Jeans: Zellers

For more cuties wearing fun threads... check out Small Style over at Mama Loves Papa's blog.

the diva of doily d.i.y's,
Mel ;o)


  1. Stephanie Precourt20 October 2011 at 10:56

    Love it!!

  2. Love this - I'm going to have to give it a try!

  3. That Doily top is sooo cute! Great idea ! She is so cute!

  4. I definitely couldn't resist those eyes!
    What a great idea. You are crafty woman! 

  5. I'm always so in awe of you crafty mamas. I have a hard time sewing a button onto a shirt let alone thinking of and executing a crafty sewing project!

  6. Gorgeous girl and a cute Shirt. :) Great idea.



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