Azriel's [birthday] costume!

Today being Halloween and all... I thought I could at least showcase our daughter's fun outfits I've sewn for her birthdays (oct.29th).  It's a fun way to dress her up without dragging her out the night of all the ghouls and zombies!

Last year, for her 1st birthday, she was a Narnian fawn (think Mr.Tumnus). I sewed a brown wig onto one of her bonnets and attached felt ears and fawn horns.  An old striped shirt made for the red scarf, and pants were sewn from faux fur... as well as vinyl brown 'hoof' slippers.

This year (since we still love the woodland theme) she was a gnomish.mushroom girl.  I made the hooded cloak from an old pair of Ben's corduroy pants.. (detail: wooden apple buttons).  The skirt was sewn from fun polka dot fabric with yellow underneath... and extra patches.  A great outfit to cook at her new birthday oven I crafted for her!


The only good shot of her 'acorn hat' I made.. is in this balloon dance video!
The wonder of a balloon kept this gal's spirits high all day.
Bloopers from 'pre-production' of Azi's costume:
Every flippin' time I tried to put the fabric out to sew... Tinderpuff was right there to gladly lounge on it (should have made her a mushroom skirt).
I'm convinced these cats are trained to hear the first signs of me getting ready to sew.. and pounce!

Hmmm.... a tempting hat for mama instead?  Or not.

All in all, another fun year of dressing my birthday girl up.  Just think how excited she'll be in the future to have all these pics come back to haunt her. 

What are your kiddies dressing up like?
Have a safe, cozy night!

Mel ;o)


  1. Those hoof slippers are REALLY cute! I noticed them right away!

  2. hey thanks... good eye for details! ;o)

  3. These are both fabulous. I am a sucker for any woodland cuteness. The fawn melts my heart though, probably because I am a Narnia fan. You just can't beat a tiny Mr Tumnus.


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