Introductions: giveaway!

Hello friends!  Now that you've been patient enough to endure my "Introductions" posts this week about 'who I am' and 'why I blog'... I figured it was about time for a fun lil' giveaway from this nest!  Maybe these handmade goodies will catch your fancy for you or someone else for Christmas? :o)

The winner of this giveaway gets their choice of either the 'vintage mushroom' stitchwork hoop (size: 8") - OR - the 'little kite, big sky' patchwork hoop (size: 7").

They will win a 'birds of a feather' necklace, and a pair of 'delicate doily' earrings.

And.... they get to choose which of my paintings they would like in a signed 8x10 lazer colour print!

Sound like fun?
Here's how to enter the giveaway:

1. Follow this blog (either in Google Reader, or Bloglovin')
2. Leave a comment about which painting your 'pick a pic' would be!

That's it. That's all.
The giveaway contest will close next Wed.Oct.12.2011 - when the winner will be announced!

Good luck,
Mel :o)


  1. I would pic the Clouds over canyon one. Cause the sky is my favorite thing in the world! Cause its blue... and its always there. And having moved around so much in my life its nice to have one consistent thing! And I also love sunsets....And in a sunset Only God could put all those colours together and it look good. He is the Ultimate artist!

  2. I would pick the calla lilies one and I would give it to my sister because that was the flower at her wedding! Beautiful pics Mel! Sooo talented! Your link for "how to enter" didn't work tho :(

  3. Elizabeth Sheffield5 October 2011 at 16:04

    Hi Mel,
    I would pick 'Patchwork Valley'. It looks very peaceful - just what I'm looking for today!

  4. I adore Sparrows at Sunrise because waking with the Birds is a constant goal of mine that is rarely achieved; Maybe with your work on my wall to remind me of the beauty and stillness in the wee morning hours I would actually rise with the sparrows!

    Thanks Mel, for sharing your life with us in this creative and inspiring blog!

  5. I'd definitely pick Birds at Sunset.

  6. Too funny!  not funny ha ha, but that is the EXACT post that let me find you!  I am quite smitten with "Quiet Pastures" myself :)

  7. oops, i think i was commenting about the last post i read.  ah well, two comments in one! ha ha!  it's an early morning here at the woods'

  8. I don't want to choose there are soo many amazing paintings .....the bonny land is my top pic.....storm gathering is my second as you have endless talent when it comes to clouds:)

  9. I totally follow you, and the painting I'd pick... oh goodness me... the bonny land is truly calling me to me <3

  10. hehe, thanks Des-lovely.. sorry though, this giveaway is actually two weeks old.. and already ended - eep!  But you can go stare at the Bonny Land up-close-and-personal at Black Honey until Nov.20! ;o)

  11. Oh drats, I musta read it wrong! :)


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