Introductions: why I blog.

So I started this blog back in February of this year... and since then I've written over 200 posts. That's seems a little crazy.. even to me (but especially to my husband!).
So why do I blog?
What keeps me posting something new on an almost daily basis here?
I first created this space as an online 'portfolio' so people could see my art. my creations. my handmade gear.  Hence the name "Needle and Nest Design" since it covers my love of creating things ('needle') for one's home ('nest')... clever, I know.

Since then, I've discovered that I just can't shut-up.
There's always some new creation I want to show you.
Some new thought I want to share... really, it's an accountability journal for me to keep creating and keep sharing my heart.

So now this blog captures the full gamut of my life:

*From do.it.yourself projects that I like to make super.quick & stupid.easy... to confessions about being an artist.mama.and Mel.
*From sweet and stylin' moments with my daughter... to tracking the progress of my current pregnancy.
*From recent creations I've made... to slide.show.sunday reviews of our weekend.

I do hope it inspires or amuses you most days.
If you're into statistics, here's a few:

*The majority of my viewing audience is in North America, with Australia following next.

* Facebook and Google are the largest referring sites.

* The most popular post I've ever written here?
I'm amazed that every day someone is googling how to make these.. pretty hilarious.
Not to mention that the second most popular post is the prequel of how to upcycle a t-shirt into harem pants!

* I've joined Bloglovin' so you can find me there.
You can also follow this blog by clicking 'follow' up at the top left of Blogger's menu bar.
Thanks for being a part of this blog,
you're always welcome at this nest.

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)

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  1. Hiya,

    One of your European readers here :). I just found some DIY projects that involve doilies and lace... so I hope they'll tickle your fancy!





    This website has so much, but I picked the stuff that you might like. Enjoy and happy weekending  :).


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