D.I.Y - upcycle t-shirts & lace into scarf.

If you're anything like me, you may have an affinity for the 'infinity style' scarf (a glorified loop of fabric).  I've been plotting the use of a t-shirt and my love of lace into such a creation... and this look on pinterest got me more motivated!  If you want to make my quick.easy version by upcycling a t-shirt & lace... here's a wee tutorial for you:

1. Grab yourself a t-shirt and about a 2' long strip of lace.

2. Now you're going to cut a large square out of the body of your t-shirt (front & back).
3. Fold down the length of the shirt and then cut (making 4 long strips).

4. I cut the t-shirt to the size of the lace strip (7"x22").

5. Lay your lace onto the right side of one t-shirt strip. 
Facing all the t-shirt 'right sides' together, then stitch the edge on your sewing machine to attach all the pieces together.
I found using only 3 of the 4 t-shirt strips to be plenty long enough for the loop.
(You want to be able to hang it from the top of your head down to your belly button)

And voila!  The great thing about t-shirt material is you don't have to hem the edges.. just stretch the shirt so it curls the edge under.  This also makes the scarf long enough to wrap around my neck three times for a snug look.

For an other approach:
Use three strips of t-shirt (seen here in cream colour).. and two thick bands of lace.

Hope you found that helpful to inspire a do.it.yourself thrifty version of the infinity scarf!

Mel ;o)


  1. I also have an affinity for these.  And  stack of old t-shirts waiting to be made into scarves....
    It's nice to see another Ontario blogger, and fellow Mel! This is my first visit here, I"m off to browse some more.  Hope you've had a great Monday. (or at least half-decent, it is Monday after all)

  2. Hi there Mel (too)! Thanks so much for stopping in... I love first time visitors (and always wonder how they found me... hee).  Best of luck making your own scarves - I'm sure you'll do great! If you're in Toronto we're neighbours... I'm tucked into wee Peter'patch' here ;o)  take care!

  3. love!!  these are my favorite types of scarves!  great tutorial as usual!!:)


  4. firstly - what are you doing up so late mama?! second - thanks sweets, you always look great in scarves too btw! third - if you're mail doesn't arrive to you this week... I'm a-gonna lose it! argh!! xo

  5. naturally, you know i absolutely ADORE this post ;0)

  6. I'm loving this! Thanks so much! I too was inspired by the same picture on pinterest and I am making these for my friend and sisters for Christmas!

  7. Hi! I have been wondering how to do a lacey tshirt scarf! Can you take a pic of what it looks like after sewing it, off? I can't figure out how the inside is supposed to look? I'm sorry! If it's easier, I can just give you my email?

  8. Hi there! Thanks for asking - sorry it wasn't more clear... the second last shot of the green scarf (when its hanging from my head) shows how the inside seams are just hanging 'there'... after you would have sewn all the pieces together with right sides facing each other.  You can do a zig-zag stitch to flatten them down on the inner scarf... but you will still see the seams depending how you wear them.

    I have another doily/infinity D.I.Y scarf coming up on the blog soon... it may be more to your liking.. and if you want further info feel free to e-mail - that's no problem!
    Happy sewing! ;o)

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