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It's that time of the week again... a flurry of pictures to show a glimpse of our weekend here:
I can't get enough of this season... each leaf a glowing ember against the cobalt sky.

On Saturday birthday candles were all aglow... we threw a BIG 60th birthday for my Dad.
Azriel here was delighted to hold the balloons! 

Lots of pictures, friends, family and food gathered to celebrate Dad... we kids even got up and gave speeches (you'll be glad to know the pictures were too blurry to show you!).  Azi found the best place to 'eavesdrop' was under the tables...

Sunday morning... getting ready to head to church on a beautiful fall day.

Family hike in the afternoon to Burnham woods... we love crunching through all the leaves!

Azriel got all 'crunched' out... so Ben got to snuggle her back up the trail.

Here's what '6 months pregnant' is looking like here by the way.

We ended the outing by intentionally getting lost in the countryside again.
Can I just recommend this to any and all of you?  There's nothing more beautiful than to just 'drive' with no real game plan but to enjoy the countryside.  Azi and I 'mooed' and 'neighed' at the animals along the roads.... Ben navigated our way to eventually get us back home.  It's a fun escape from the city for us ~ since more and more we long for quieter pastures.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend too friends.
(You may be happy to know that in light of Friday's stinky incident... we have another oven to be installed this week hopefully!)
Lots of d.i.y's coming at you this week - stay tuned!

Mel ;o)


  1. looks like a beautiful time!  i need to take some photos, i swear to you i have that cream colored hat!  my mum made it years and years ago, i used to make fun of her when i was little (how awful!), then a few years ago i realized the beauty of it and snagged in for myself ;)

  2. haha - must have been the same pattern then - my friend knit this for me a few years ago.. we could dress up like twins (since we are anyway!) ;o)


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