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Hello friends!  Another beautiful weekend has come and gone... and here's the slide show to help me remember the birthday blur for our daughter Azriel!  I managed to work through a pesky head cold (really just felt like my nose was stuffed full of water balloons set to 'leak').  Overall a fun.festive.Fall weekend.. enough talk - here's the pictures!

Birthday 'woodland picnic' snacks for all.

Azriel was dressed as a woodland gnome.mushroom girl I sewed for her - and loved her toy oven I made!

We tried to pack as many of Azi's wee friends (and our bigger ones) into our living room.  She adored having everyone around to celebrate!

We also adored all the wee gnomes that showed up... even a newborn one...awww.

Azi loved handing her mushroom rattles out to her friends... from her pumpkin bag.

One hoot mama. foxy papa... and um, bearded birthday girl.  (I was tempted to put a gnome hat on the 'little brother' hiding in my big belly).

Once the party was over... we settled in for afternoon snuggles.  Reading our new book about an 'addition' coming to the family too.... 
A quiet evening spent home for once (Saturday family dinner cancelled due to sick Mama-in-law).  We watched the new Winnie the Pooh movie ... so cute! 

Sunday after church we headed out into the sunshine at the zoo.  The lemurs were particularly festive and friendly.

Since we couldn't ride the camels, Azi settled for Dad.  She also thought each animal at the zoo would appreciate being fed a leaf.... sadly, no deal.

A beauty weekend here (despite sniffles) and we are blessed with a terrific.two.toddler here.

Hope yours was beauty too.. what did you get up to?
Lots more party pics and fun coming at you this week,
take care,
Mel ;o)


  1. save me an owl mask :o)
    Aunt D

  2. Vance & Lori Harris30 October 2011 at 21:58

    What an amazing party! Those costumes and decorations look ADORABLE. love.love.love!


  3. Hi Lori! Thanks for dropping in.... and thanks for the 'love.ing'! ;o)  We sure had fun!!

  4. will do... even make YOU a custom one sweet lady ;o) xo

  5. I just LOVE your blog! I found you via the followers fest and I'm excited to be your newest follower.  You've got some great pictures and crafty ideas on here!

  6. Hi Kelly (Scout!) so glad to meet you, thanks for joining our nest here! Congrats on your very-soon-coming wedding... woo hoo.. marriage rocks! ;o) xo


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