D.I.Y ~ fabric mushroom rattle

Ok, so here's another sneak peek (and do.it.yourself project) for my daughter's upcoming 2nd birthday!  I wanted to sew plush lil' mushroom rattles for her to give all her wee friends (a token birthday 'favour' if you will).  I looked around the internet and didn't find any ideas I liked... so I just whipped up my own pattern/design for making 'stuffed mushrooms'!  If you're just as mushy for shrooms as me.. you may enjoy this easy project:

I'm sorry I don't have an official printable pattern for you.. but the shapes are simple enough to copy. The size of each pattern piece is around 3" (diameter, and length for the stem). 
Supplies needed:
Toadstool Mushroom fabric:: red.white polka dot cotton.
Mushroom Cap (under side):: yellow felt/fleece.
Mushroom Stem:: tan felt/fleece.
Sewing Machine
 Once you've cut your fabric...  1) Fold the stem in half and sew up the side - leaving top open.
2) Polka dot mushroom cap gets folded and sewn up the side as well (making the cap shape).
3) While still inside out, tuck the yellow fleece into the cap and sew it around (shown above) - leaving a half inch gap (shown below).

This gap allows you to pull the mushroom cap right side out.  Stuff it.  Then slip a bell in through the hole and position in within the centre of the cap.

Stuff the mushroom stem full as well (once you've turned it right side out). I find a glass or plastic chopstick works great for stuffing these wee projects.  Then hand stitch your cap fully closed and sew the stem to it's underbelly.  You're done!

Shake.rattle. and roll those sweet lil' toadstools!

I'm sure you'll see more pictures of these when Azriel hands them out to all her friends this weekend.  They really were simple and fun to make.  A great baby shower gift for any gnomes in your life!
wild for woodlands,
Mel ;o)


  1. I LOVE mushrooms!! this is such a cure and perfect diy, I'll try it once my new sewing machine arrives :) and you def. don't need to be two to like this, thanks for sharing!

  2. holy moly!  these are absolutely crazy cute!!!  love love love them!

  3. hey thanks Sis.... maybe we could make them for future woodland wedding re-commital favours?! lol  Have a great weekend... wish you're lil guys could be here to partake in birthday fun!

  4. thanks for stopping by Paula - here my husband thinks I'm the only 'mushroom fanatic'.. but I keep saying others out there exist ;o)   Enjoy a new sewing maching... wooowhee!

  5. Those mushroom are awesome! Great tutorial, I am totally trying to make those! 

    I'm a new follower from the blog fest...come visit if you'de like :) 

  6. very nice :)) Thank you for sharing!
    Roby from Italy


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