the winner of today's giveaway...!

Well friends, the giveaway contest here at our nest is now finished... so today we get to announce the winner!

Thanks to all the friends and 'new' friends who left kind comments encouraging my artist heart.
If you're a 'local' you can see a majority of these paintings up at Black Honey Cafe for the next month (showing until Nov.20th).

So without further ado: after officially writing all the entries' names on paper and tossing them in my green colander bowl... I plucked this sweetie from the mix:
"Hi Mel,
I would pick 'Patchwork Valley'. It looks very peaceful - just what I'm looking for today!

Oh I do enjoy when a sweet soul wins all my goodies.. and this fine woman Elisabeth Sheffield is one fine soul, congrats Beth!
(Now you just have to contact me with the details of which hoop you would like to own, and which print you want sent to you).

Thanks to all who participated.
Have a wonderful day!
Mel :o)

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