manes, trains...and...

It's time for your Thursday dose of cozy cuteness with our gal Azriel..... meow!

Maybe that should be a 'roar'... she's so funny to watch roar when you ask her 'what does a lion say?'.  
(Side-note: did you know Ariel means "Lion of God"?  Yes, we would have gone with that name but it really just makes you think of a mermaid with a clam shell bra... so we opted for the also-Hebrew name of Azriel - "God is my help" ...now you know!)

Ever the naturalist.. Azi just can't leave a stick behind (as you would have seen from this past weekend's slide show).  This sweater was my latest thrift store find - I love those lil' trains cho-cho-cho'ing across her belly!

There's the deer mittens I sewed for her on the weekend too... a cozy comfort for a crisp Fall day at the park.  I literally grew up (in) and around this park all my life (and go figure, my husband did in his teen years too).. so it's wonderful to take our daughter here now.

Speaking of wonderful.... here's the two loves that make this mama's days wonder.full.

Azriel's outfit:
lion hat: gifted (A.R.K)
train sweater: thrifted (handmade?)
striped shirt: thrifted (H&M)
red velvet pants: thrifted
shoes: thrifted
mittens: mama-made.

 Being creatures of habit.. we're linking this 'mane' event up with Mama Loves Papa today.

have yourself a wonder.full day,
and don't forget to enter yesterday's giveaway contest!

Mel :o)

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  1. fabulous hat! And I love that last photo - it is magical!


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