laced with love.. con't.

Hello friends, just wanted to show you the conclusion post to where those commissioned neck.laces ended up.  You may remember me posting about the fun creating these special pieces for a cool couple's wedding party...

Detail of one of the six neck.laces I was commissioned to create.

All the lovely models!  The two younger ladies wore wrist.lace cuffs I made for them.

The 'Glow.ing' couple!  Congrats again to Chris Nickle and Shaunacy King!
The dashing duo that run Glow maternity here locally (where my bird mobiles like to nest).

Thanks to Ash Nayler Photography for providing some stunning peeks at a beautiful day here.
If you want someone to capture a special day in your life.. this is the photographer to go to, she's got mad skills (and she's cute too).

This seems to be the week brought to you by 'lace',
but rest assured there are more d.i.y's to come (without lace!) this week,

Mel ;o)


  1. I am LOVING all these doily tutorials!  You are the best! :)

  2. aww, coming from your fantastic 'she sews' self... that's a big compliment, thanks! ;o)


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