where there's smoke...

Today was one of those days.  You know the one... everything is going swell, a smile can't evade your lips, you find yourself humming cheerfully...  and then - that one moment that turns it all upside down.
So here was our scene today:
I was contentedly squashed into my 'temporary' sewing corner at the dining table (working on my daughter's birthday/halloween outfit).  Ben came and snagged a picture of me in my element... 

... so then I snapped a shot of him in his element: the kitchen... eager to bake some cranberry/orange scones in our newly installed oven!
(Back story: we have been without a working oven the ENTIRE summer folks.  Having a bbq helped, but you can only fry up so much... and this baker man was eager to get an oven hooked up.  We just couldn't rub two pennies together most of the summer to afford installing the switch-over to a gas stove.  Yesterday the BIG day, we finally got the oven installed...)

... all seemed so lovely.  Me happily sewing, Ben happily prepping the scones to bake.  The oven was pre-heating... and then the smell started.
"Wow, that really is starting to smell" I commented.
"Maybe it's just because it's the first time firing it up" Ben thought..
"Ok, that is REALLY starting to smell (cough, gag)" I sputter
"....yah.... it stinks actually'...
Oh gosh, did mice get in that oven while it was in the garage all summer??!
Oh gross, mice got in that oven!
It reeked like an old age home set ablaze... that awful urine.feces smell set to 'bake'!

I opened all the windows and ran outside for fear of inhaling some toxic mouse bio-hazard.
Azriel was still napping safely upstairs.

Having waited all summer.
Having the hope of warm homemade scones.
Fresh bread, real cooked food again... all destroyed in that moment from mice...
we're feeling pretty discouraged here at the nest.

We've abandoned the stinky house to our cats (if any broiled mice try to escape they'll find another end in those felines).  Camping out at the in-laws tonight, who graciously were cooking up a large turkey!

So that's our 'sob story'.  I know it's a 'first world' problem, and we'll figure out a solution sooner than later (hopefully).  I just thought I'd rant about it here, in case you thought we 'had it all together' and life seems rosy here most days... no, we still hit that wall now and again, shake our fists at the heavens, and wonder 'why us'... all those human moments.

*Remember kids: never store an oven in a garage where mice will seek out and destroy.
Be thankful for family who provide a sanctuary in the face of despair.
Keeping cats around does have it's advantages too.

Anticipating a better weekend ahead, hoping the same for you!
Mel ;o)


  1. Oh boy...that is quite the day. Wow. Glad you had a place to go to escape the smell. Hope it gets all aired out soon! 

  2. oh my goodness!  not that i'm glad of this situation, or even worse... the aftermath *shudders*...
    but i must admit i got a wee bit of a chuckle out of this post my dear mel! 
    by the looks of that beauteous red and white polka dot fabric, is miss azi going to be a mushroom??  hope the rest of the weekend is a good one! 

    <3 suz

  3. heh, thanks for your support Suz ;o)  You MAY have guessed closely... and this next weekend's post will reveal her adorable get-up! 

  4. Ha, oh gosh hon! (Kudos on the gas stove though... I LOVE mine!)

  5. heh, thanks Des.. we are eager to eventually.hopefully.sooner than later... fire it up afresh and enjoy some real home-cooking again! ;o)


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