Introductions: this is me.

Hello friends, as mentioned last friday - I'm starting a series of 'Introductions' for this week.
If you've journeyed with me and my blog thus far... you may feel you already know enough about me to skip this introduction.  But for those newer visitors I thought I would show you a better glimpse into my wee world here.

My name is Mel(issa).
I'm an artist.
All my life I have loved art. creating. crafting.
Although I've received no 'formal training' I have always been surrounded by creative. artistic people.
I've painted since high school.
I learned pottery and sewing just a few years ago.

All my work.crafting. is experimental. self-taught. mistakes. messes. masterpieces.

I'm a wife.
My husband was my first ever secret 'crush'.  I never 'crushed' on guys ... just saw them, dated them here and there... but never 'crushed' before knowing them.
Ben was my 'crush'.
Turns out I caught his fancy too.
We caught each other Sept.6.2008...
and haven't let go since.

I'm a mama.
 I never dreamed of being a mom (although I've always been a 'caregiver' if that makes sense).
But, shortly into our marriage... my Ben and I decided we would 'beget' after all. :o)
Our beautiful daughter Azriel Ruth was born.
My heart has grown.stretched.changed in ways I never knew it could.
Coming soon... Feb.2012
A baby brother to join this nest!

(*We also have two cats: Mewsli & Tinderpuff)!

I'm a believer.
I think saying 'Christian' is so mis-used.mis-understood.mis-represented that I tend to not use it.
I follow.love.learn from.live for... Jesus.
"Amazing grace, how sweet the sound,
that saved a wretch like me,
I once was lost, but now am found,
was blind, but now I see".
If you want to know who inspires my life from the Bible.. check out the Proverbs 31 woman:
she works.crafts.sews.helps.speaks. with grace.strength.beauty.

I'm a home-maker.
I'd love to remain a stay.at.home.mama.
We strive to live by three main rhythms for our home:

Thanks for stopping in and getting to know me here, I'd love to get to know you too,
feel free to say 'hello'!

Creatively yours,
Mel :o)

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