slide.show.sunday.take 17.

Another blur of a week has glown. flown. then crumpled away here....
like the Fall leaves around us.
Here's a slide.show.view of our Thankgiving weekend!

 Azriel and I waiting for our ride Friday afternoon.  Azi was eager to see her grandparents (where she'd be staying for the day)... I was eager to see a beautiful wedding - and wore my lace tablecloth skirt for the occasion!

Speaking of lace... the bride was jaw-dropping gorgeous, not even to be out-done by a splendorous view of Stoney Lake or sparkling leaves overhead.

That evening my Ben and I got to have a 'night on the town'.  Feels like a while since a date night - so we ate our hearts out.

Spring roll mustache... oui.
This is our favourite restaurant for ben's love of 'pub' food and my love of 'Thai'...
the Olde Stone Brewery. 

Next, I told the baby to duck ...cause I wanted to shove some chocolate goodness in my belly.
Our favourite dessert cafe... Black Honey (where my paintings are going on display for the next month!).
And then... at 8pm.. we went to bed!!
To sleep.
To savour a slumber that seems so rare. :o)

Most of Saturday was spent up at ben's folks place for a big Thanksgiving family day.  We got to hike through our favourite park and enjoy the changing colours overhead and underfoot.

The traditional 'ham on the spit'... crackling away all day.

Lots of lounging in the gorgeous sun, and watching Azi 'shadow' her cousin for the day.

Feasting on the back porch in the setting sun.... delicious.

Yes, Azriel's day was highlighted with ice cream and apple pie.

We had much to be thankful for again.
'Every good and perfect thing comes from above'.

 Now it's Sunday... another day we were supposed to be feasting with my family... but alas, this morning it felt like someone hired a mule to hoof me repeatedly in the gut.
I went over my symptoms with my midwife, she assured me it sounded more like a stomach bug than any concern for lil' guy inside.
So today.. I go hungry, but I look back and remember a wonderful weekend nonetheless!

Hope your weekend was a blessing to you and yours,
Mel :o)

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  1. That lace shrug on the bride is so sublime! As is your lacy skirt! Yay to lace!
    I was just at Black Honey (which is a rarity!) and got to see your beautiful art up on the walls there - you make the desserts look extra yummy!!
    I sent you an email just now about one painting in particular, btw. :)


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