my baby.fruit basket.5

What better way to document our baby's size than a festive pumpkin of the Thanksgiving season?
Granted most sources say the average baby is the size of a winter squash (8-11inches) at this stage... but we can pretend.
Lately I've been feeling like my belly is more the size of a 'prize-winning' pumpkin than this wee lil' wonder...  (sigh) now for the next 3-4 months left of heaving it around with me.  You know that stage where you want to roll over in bed - but you have to swing your gut first? 
The cats are starting to think I'm growing a 'perch' for them to sleep on again too.

My first pregnancy with Azriel was during the heat of summer... so this will at least be a different season to be baby-full for... how does one wear maternity layers for winter?
I guess I should invest in some hideously huge knit sweaters or something and resemble a Sasquatch.

Happy Thanksgiving lil' guy,
your growing.glowing mama,
Mel ;o) 

P.S - to follow my baby's progress down the 'produce aisle' you can catch up here.


  1. no huge sweaters! show that belly off mama!  that's my favorite part about being pregnant!  i feel so much better about the way i look when i'm pregnant because i look good in everything i wear because baby belly's are awesome!  hmmmm, i fear i'm going to develop some sort of complex when the childbearing is over.....

    :)   <3 suz

  2. I have to admit that every time I read/'see your blog a refreshment comes to my soul. Keep doing it! I love it!

  3. hey there Rocio, thanks so much - sweet of you to take the time to encourage me here...I love that you love it! ;o)


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