sunday.slide.show.take 17.

Hope you had a good weekend out there!
Ours was a bit jumbled between our daughter being sick... and the weather being just as temperamental.  I managed to snap a few shots from our Saturday here:
A delicious morning Sunbeam welcomed me to some sewing projects (d.i.y's to come this week!).

 Since it felt like the first real day to spend together (Ben, Azriel and I)... we opted to drive out to the wee town of Millbrook for their "Scarecrow Festival"!  Ominous clouds huddled along the horizon but blue sky was overhead - so off we went.

We tucked into our favourite bakery - The Pastry Peddler (where Ben's also baking now!).

We tried to 'get involved' by encouraging Azi to decorate a cupcake.. but man, it was flippin' windy.cold.tumultuous outside!

 What better way to encourage our daughter back to health than cupcakes on an empty stomach - and freezing winds eh? <sheesh>.

That adventure was short lived.. so we drove around the countryside enjoying the scenery.

Settling back into our hometown Sticklings bakery for a healthier lunch.

Kisses for dessert.

Other than that, it was up to the folks for 'family dinner Saturdays'.. and then home sweet home.
Today, Sunday, we thought Azriel was still recovering her health... only to continue her rounds of vomiting today.  Seems like this 'sicky-go-pukey' bug is really going around lately.

So there's a quick slide show for you,
I'm back to snuggling my gal now....(who's sitting beside me with a sweet little voice saying "watch Franklin mommy?").

catch you later,
Mel ;o)


  1. Love your slideshows Mel. You three (so far!) make such a precious family.

  2. thanks so much Maureen - stop by for tea sometime! ;o)


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