talkin' about my guy (again)...

 I think it's been a while since I've ranted & raved about my guy. my ben.
We've been trying to find our new 'rhythm' lately as a marriage/family... due to his recent job change.  Now that he's a baker he's gone at 3:30AM all week... and back around lunch hour.
Sure we get the whole afternoon and early evenings together - but it still seems like we're fighting to make time to really 'see' each other.  Granted, he's in a half-zombie state by most afternoons.. and he tucks into bed soon after our daughter's bedtime - yes, the evenings are my solitude.quiet.lonely.relaxing times.
I'm super proud of him for pursuing his passion for baking.. and dreaming.plotting.scheming how one day we too, could own and run a bakery.
I just miss those little moments... like mornings together, making coffee and sitting in our picture window.  I miss going to bed at the same time.. hearing all his inane.hilarious questions as he winds down for the day.
(side.note: trying to sneak in to bed hours later is my nightly challenge.. when every inch of our floors squeak in protest and I'm literally doing a drunken ballet on my tip-toes!)

I love how he seeks to provide for his family.
I love how he husbands...
...and how he fathers.

It warms my heart to see him play the piano with our gal... despite loathing the piano himself (a shame I know) he will play whenever she wants him to.
Its also music to my ears to hear them caught up in a swirl of tickles and laughter on the floor.

Speaking of laughter, he still cracks me up too.
The other night I was feeling marooned on the couch like a whale... looking down at my baby-belly I said the obvious girl line "ugh, I'm so fat".

Instantly Ben replied: "you're not fat, you're just bloated with fertility".
For further fun - here's a video of us all...it's 'shocking'. ;o)

Daughter Azriel had already encountered the 'magic zap' of Dad's finger from sliding previously..  clearly her mama still finds it impossible to resist his magnetic attraction.

Still in love,
Mel ;o)


  1. That little video is indeed shocking! I totally giggled; you guys are so sweet together!
    p.s. guess who went to Black Honey & bought a painting today? :D

  2. eeep!  Lovely.. Lisa told me - thanks again!  Turns out I sold out of all my fabric hoops too... so gotta re-stock there... and CHEX wants to interview Lisa and I there.. baha! ;o) Sorry to miss that lunch date today. xo

  3. thanks sweets! ;o)

  4. lol :) Smart girl, sooo cute!


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