seeing RED!

Alrighty friends... here's the new doo!
I mentioned in my recent hair cutting post that I was eager to put some wild colours back in my hair (now that I'm post-prego mode and can re-toxify myself)! 

Step 1: I used Garnier's Nutrisse Extra Blonde to bleach my hair.
(This brought back my high school memories of having rubber duck yellow hair).
Now, originally I was just going to bleach a chunk on the longer side of my locks - but even mixing half the amount of bleach gave me ample amount to slather all over. 

Step 2: Who doesn't scream for ice cream?  
This is a new product to me, but I was game to try it since it was the only permanent 'wild' colour I could find at Shopper's Drug Mart.
Fire engine red (though it looks more orange in these shots)... fun times! 

So for now it's blonde and fiery red... but Ben and both think it would be cool to use a dark colour with the red in the future (black/plum likely...).

This mama loves rockin' here new doo here.

Hope you're all having a colourful weekend friends!

Fiery mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. It reminds me of a creamsicle!! It looks SO good Mel...loving it!!

  2. Oh yes I do like it- very much!

  3. Stephanie Precourt25 March 2012 at 17:53

    How dark was your hair originally to go that blonde? I've been wanting to go blonde!

  4.  Hey Steph... my natural brown from all my previous pictures was how 'dark' I was (I guess it would be called a medium brown?)... but this specific product has the option of adding two 'lightening products' for maximum blonde.  Do it mama! ;o)

  5.  thanks Annie, very much! ;o)

  6.  haha, I'll make sure you don't start licking it next time you see me... but it's true - it does look like that! thanks ;o)

  7. I love this with a passion! I just actually bought hair dye with caren yesterday so I'm going pink tips today! this is killer though... like i can't stop looking at how amazing you look! 

  8.  aww thanks sweets, pink will be beauties on you - eager to see!!

  9. oh! so pretty! I loooove your hair like this. It somehow makes your cut look even more adorable than it already did!

  10. Yellowfinchdesigns26 March 2012 at 19:52

    i love it!!! and i love the cut and shape! gah, i wish i could pull off bangs. i've tried and they just aren't me. and....i've never dyed my hair either. well, once in high school it was an orange shade for a week but i don't really count that ;)

    and, it looks good blonde too.

  11. WOW! I am so freaking impressed with your delicious new 'do! And that you did it all by yourself! I'm far too timid to "try this at home". Can I just say again, WOW! LOVE IT! (worthy of all caps)
    You make me want to do something equally wild when I get my hair done this week (but I'll probably stay safe with my normal blondness). Bravo, you wild & crazy mama!! xox

  12. p.s. I just pinned your pretty face. 

  13.  HAHA.. thank you Caren - and I know you could be just as 'wild'... do it, do it, do it! :o)

  14.  Thanks Liz... you're what I would call a 'natural beauty' - no need for wild colours to distract from that fact. ;o)

  15.  Coming from you elycia (queen of colour) that's a big compliment, THANKS!  You're sweet!

  16. now THAT is some awesome-dawson hair girl!! I can't believe you did it yourself!  it is amazing!!!!!<3

  17.  heh, THANKS!  I do it myself since its way cheaper.. and fun for me to do! ;o)

  18. Oh fab! It does look orange..but that's cool. :)

    I would love to dye my hair anything other than this booooring brown. *sigh* But as soon as I plug up the courage I back out because I think it won't suit me. :( My hair used to be black until my early teens when it started to get lighter. Maybe I should hit the bleach too ....



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