D.I.Y: woodland terrarium

 Feeling the need to satiate my love of all things woodland... I opted to throw together another playful terrarium.  You may remember the mushroom one I made for our daughter's last woodland birthday.  I just can't get enough of those fungi & fOWLs!

 Super fast and fun to make.  You just need a large enough glass jar with a lid (I used a big pickle jar - mason jars work too).  
Encasing this wee owl and mushroom salt shaker in glass was my attempt to protect them from our cats and my daughter - who already broke the other mushroom.  You could tuck any little figurine you like into your jar.

I used a hot glue gun to attach the owl to the mushroom... and then the mushroom to the styrofoam base (painted brown).

I forgot to mention that you'll want some of that 'moss-in-a-bag' from any dollar store.  I glued some grassy patches onto the foam base.. and attached it to the jar lid.

Azriel's first encounter: cautious intrigue... and then instantly dumping the jar upside down.
Lucky for her me.. everyone stayed glued in place!
I'm tempted to make a plush version of this in the future with my fabric mushroom tutorial as well... wee felted flowers...stitched grassy hills.. how cute.

Happy crafting friends!

mushroom mama,
Mel ;o)

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