3-in-1: Lace style...

 Happy 'first day of Spring' day everyone!  Don't you love how these balmy breezes put the wind back in our weary wintered sails... I sure do.
I thought I'd show some fashion options for Spring based on that lace tablecloth d.i.y from last year.
Who knew the love of lace.doily would become so trendy this year... but sneaky us (we can have the same look for the cost of a thrifted tablecloth)!

One skirt::Three styles
1. My first - and favourite - style is to layer the lace skirt under a shorter skirt or dress. 
It adds a lovely ruffle to the bottom of any outfit this way. 

2. Wear the lace skirt over some colourful leggings for a flouncy summer look.

3. Hike it up the torso and belt it secure.  
I'm sure some of you could pull off this look beautifully... but for me, I kind of feel like a cupcake with too much icing here.

Bonus Style Option: 
Dum dum da dee... that's right: even bride-friendly styles here, and won't the groom be surprised when you yell "Peep-O"!
Or maybe this will revolutionise Middle Eastern fashion options... who knows.
Really, this one skirt has limitless potential!

So I hope you are inspired to run out and grab that thrifted tablecloth right this minute.
(For more doily.lace d.i.y inspiration you can go here too.)

You're beautiful!
lace-crazed mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. The first way is my favourite too. I do adore this skirt! I think I've only seen you in it once but it's fabulous!!
    Also you look amazing!! Post baby healthy diet is treating you well I see :)

  2. The first one is soo cool...and I even like the second one a little. :)


  3.  Hey Nev!  Thanks you.. hope you're having a great week!

  4.  THanks Carly.. you're memory serves you well because I did wear it to our fancy tea party!  My mum-in-law jokes that I've gone 'gaunt'... but such is the result of a newborn constantly feeding off you - and that post-gallbladder restricted diet.  I do plan to recover my 'pudge' once I can eat chocolate again! ha. ;o)

  5. I am having a nice week, thank you. The husband is off sick but it means we're all together. :) 
    Hope you week is swell too :D



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