how I did my do [part deux]:

You may have noticed that for some time I've been living under a toque (thankfully the excuse of winter made it seem fashionable).. but really, I was having a bad hair day month
The last time I cut it was back in August... and as you can see I'm a one-cut-wonder:

...the reverse mullet mama (long at the front, chopped short at the back.. and just to mix it up - short bangs too).  Amazing, I know.
What will really knock our socks off is if I can get some wild colour happening soon!
I want the longer bangs side (on the left) to be a fire engine red I think...
So, want to see how this hack job is accomplished?
I thought I'd give you the behind the scenes video:

No I never went to hairstyling school... and yes, the crunching scissors sound does likely mean they are getting quite dull!

No one in our nest is safe from this scissor wielding mama... and now Azriel is also sporting this highly trendy look - but she makes it look cute!

So there's the whole hairy deal.

Anyone recommend dying vs. extensions? Vice versa?

Chopped mop mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. out of necessity a trend is born!! i have always loved your do <3

  2. Hahaha, that video kills me...chop chop chop! And we're done! It looks super awesome though and fire engine red would be killer!! You're a babe

  3. Oh, I like :D 

    Everybody keeps asking me when we're going to cut Lime's hair and I'm like: Never? She barely has any, what's wrong with them? Well, it makes Azriel look so much older. :)Nev

  4.  Thanks!
    Yes, she is growing up before our eyes.. and its scary crazy! ;o)

  5.  hahah.. thanks Carly!  I'm a wee bit of hacker when it comes to my hair... if I go fast - it has this 'wild.rumpled' I-meant-to-do-that effect ;o)

  6.  thanks Amy, you're right - and sweet! ;o)

  7. It's good to see someone else has no qualms about chopping into her own hair.  I haven't been to a hairdresser since September 2001... and my split ends show it.  Ahhh, all those years of using blunt scissors.   The shag is the best hairstyle for hiding a bad cut!  And something must be said for the cathartic experience of slashing chunks of hair off.  Best stress relief ever!


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