cup o' cuteness & creativity...

Here I gush again...
...for serious, is there any end to the cuteness? 
I'm just going to savour this moment for a second.. (since these past days are starting to convince me that the evil colic monster is creeping in)! 

Hudson is still a hoot though, thanks to the ever-growing supply of darling hats!
We were sent this beauty crochet number the other day .. 

Sent with sweetness from a delightful blogger buddy Krista.  She even personalized the gift tags - she's an amazing illustrator!

She also included this sweet 'cow baby' doll for Azriel, who is already smitten with her! 
Don't you just love people that love on your kids?
Our cup runneth over from all the kindness and celebration shown to our growing nest.
I am humbled, and send y'all a big squishy hug!
...Speaking of squishy hugs...
Anyone have some advice on how to teach a toddler about 'personal space'?!  
The other day I thought she was going to give Hudson his 5billionth kiss.. but she instead sunk her teeth into his head!! Geeeeeeeeeeez. 

Oh, Azriel.  You're lucky you're so darn cute, or you'd be out on the curb young lady.

Small Style link up day!
Azriel's outfit:
Sweater: gifted (JOE)
Gray shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: Children's Place
Red Tights: H&M 

Thanks for letting me share again friends! 
You may not know it.. but you guys out there feel like my one moment of sanity and creativity right now... I blog to remind me of the beauty in the chaos currently.

Mel ;o)


  1. oh my goodness, they are sooooo sweet! love that picture with the sun rays on them

  2. i am loving your photography, friend!  what amazing pictures!  to treasure and remind you of all the sweetness in the chaos:)  your family is so beautiful!

    hugs:) and much love!

  3. love azriel's sweater! each picture I see makes her seem more and more like she is adapting to the role of big sister so well!

  4.  thanks Shannon - yes, its a beautiful thing when she's really doting on her little brother - like today when she hugs him and says "I love in heart'...aww.  Still, gotta watch her.. she like to also smother him in hugs. ;o)

  5.  thank you!

  6.  thanks Krista... and THANKS for being a part of making them sooo cute! ;o)  Love to your sweet crew too!

  7.  thank you... we think they're pretty darn sweet too..  and having a big picture window helps flood our room with sunlight, love it! Thanks for stopping by :o)

  8. Eeeeek! I'm like a week late commenting (but DID see it last Thursday on my phone) and omg it is so sweet. :D It is almost identical, HA! Very very cute. :D


  9.  I know right?!  We'd totally have to have them go out for a coffee date with us...(I know  - I'm dreaming here)..what a hoot! ;o)

  10. Ha! That'd be ACE! ;p



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