colour me: yellow bellied...

So you may think I'm clearly nuts when I make this confession:
Colours can still scare me.
Yes, I know ... I have seen my hair lately!  And yes, I'm an artist...  but when it comes to my wardrobe I still break out in a cold sweat at certain shades of threads. 

 This short-sleeve cardigan is a perfect example.  Now I love melon.salmon.coral tones... but to wear them?  Yipes, I feel like a Spring tulip... when usually I'm more comfortable in the colour palette of a swampy bog.

But just like forcing myself into plums.purple outfits... I try (once a month at least) to splash a new colour on: funky scarves being the easiest way to add vibrant tones...
(and yes I am a Sheriff.. got the badge to prove it).  Ok, not really.

This hippy shirt has been one of my favourites for years... I've worn it out.
Out: all over Europe
Out: almost thread-bare.

The blue and green rings are inherited from my Grandma... and that big honkin' Amber ring is my engagement/wedding band. 
The moccasins and I are just chillin' with our gnomies in the garden.


What colour do you always wear?
Which tones scare you to try?

Have a colour-full day!
spring tulip mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. Love the color palette!

  2.  thanks Anna!

  3. I love this outfit! I think the peachy/salmon tones look really nice on you, and that cardigan is to die for! Personally, I'll wear pretty much any colour... but the one thing that does make me uncomfortable is dresses and skirts. Now that's something I would need to practice wearing, haha!

  4.  Hey there Sasha! Thanks for stopping in... I hear you on the dresses/skirts discomfort - I loathed being in them growing up (as a Tom-boy) and only now am starting to enjoy them more - with bright leggings of course! ;o)


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