D.I.Y: birds nest mobile

Hello tweet*hearts!
Here's a simple no-sew do.it.yourself project: a spring themed bird nest mobile.

You will need these items:
(Most of which could be found at a Dollar store). 
  With Easter fast approaching - now is the time to find nest/egg decor...

 I wanted to give the branch that 'first look of Spring' with wee green buds popping out.
Simply cut a larger dark green teardrop shape and a slightly smaller bright green version.
Fold them in half and face towards each other... wrapped with brown embroidery floss. 

You can make as many leaf 'buds' as you wish to cover your branch in... I ran a needle with fishing line through the centre of each bud to string it on with.

 The egg decor that I bought could be cut up with wire scissors to separate the sweet little nests and blue egg grapevine... I then attached them throughout my branch.

Back to the felt leaf buds... I attached the fish line to one end of the branch, then started twisting it along the branch - sliding a bud into place every few inches along the way... then, knot your line secure at the other end and you're done!

Now you have a 'spring inducing' mobile to hang in your home and welcome the new season with.

Have a tweet day friends,
Mel ;o)

P.S: If you're wanting a seasonal mobile - but you're on the other end of the world.. here's what I've created so far:
'Spring showers' Cloud Mobile   
Doily Snowflake Mobile    


  1. Wow, this is really great! I'm such a sucker for eggs and nests :) 

  2.  Thanks Violet, me too.. but I guess that's obvious. ;o)

  3.  thank you - and thanks for stopping by! ;o)

  4. i LOVE it!!...this craft i'm going to try with the kids on spring break!  it is so beautiful!!

  5.  oooh fun, hope you guys get a chance to make it then!  Thanks Krista ;o)

  6. Cool! I just wanted to say that the picture links at the bottom of the post are broken... I would totally make them!!



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