moment by moment.

I said to Ben last night "it seems like we can hear the kids growing" as they shoot up right before our eyes.  
The days are quietly stealing away the 'baby moments'.  Our wee Hudson is packing on a pound a week... so needless to say, he already looks like a linebacker at one month now.

Then there's Azriel.  She is quickly becoming a little lady.  
From the moment she gets up to when her head hits the pillow... she is in non-stop banter mode.  
I should record every minute of the day for how hilarious it is.  She also wants to copy me on everything - hence the baby wrap she's wearing for her doll. ;o)

And then there's my Ben...
You could say we're both growing a lot lately too.
More exhausted - learning patience.
More stresses - learning faith.

Having a new baby.. and now recovering from surgery... has put more strain on Ben to be the 'man' & 'mama' of the house.  I'm grateful to him for his care.
In the chaos of a thousand dirty diapers and tending to the kids... we can feel a million miles apart.
We catch eyes and give a knowing look that says "I miss you" and "I still love you".
He sees in to me.
in to me see.

Time slips by so quickly... but I am grateful for these moments.
I look back and remember a Dad and his daughter feeding the ducks.
Our first walk outside as a family of four now.

"Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom"
Psalm 90:12

Counting the moments,
Mel ;o)



  1. you have such a way with words...it's really beautiful.

  2.  thank you sweet friend, that's kind of you to say...  my Ben is the real word-weaver, I wish he'd write for me - but I'd gladly still be the snaphappy picture taker! ;o)

  3. Lovely words Mel and here's to a speedy recovery from your surgery. Your blog title today reminded me of the Little Feat song - 20 million things, it's probably feeling like that for you too - 20 million things to do!

  4.  thanks Annie... just listening to your song here - haha, I do relate! ;o)  Take care!

  5. Yellowfinchdesigns26 March 2012 at 19:54

    i love this mel. and the pictures are perfect! especially the first one ;) it's amazing how much growing goes on in life : with children, relationships, marriages, and with our selves.


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