D.I.Y: toddler sewing cards

This weeks do.it.yourself project is for the wee ones.  
Sewing cards have been around for a long time - but since this is my blog I get to show you how I whipped some of these up over the weekend for my daughter.
It's a simple and fast project:

The goal is to have a fairly stiff card that doesn't bend with use.. but not so thick that you can't pop a hole punch through it.  So I used crafting foam paper, with a cereal box for the backing.

Design ideas are endless: you can glue a picture onto the card stock (or paint one).
I opted to use some woodland CD stickers since they're so sweet.
I also glued fabric 'clothes' on other cards (t-shirt/brown pants). 

 Once you have the foam paper glued to your cardboard, and whatever image podged to the top...get your muscles ready and start popping holes through the cards with your hole puncher.

Now you can create your 'sewing needle' by wrapping yarn around a bobby pin and then tightly duct taping it in place.  I also looped a bead to the other end of the yarn so that it wouldn't pull through the card while she sews.

...and so she sweetly sews (and plays peek-a-boo too)!

Now she can work alongside her mama as I craft.

Happy sewing folks!
Mel ;o)


  1. Thats so creative to get your girl to feel like she hand be creative along side her mom!

  2.  ..thanks Rachel - it was of 'necessity' actually.. since she really was chomping at the bit to sew while I sewed - so its pretty cute now.  Always fun times when they're at the 'mimic' stage eh? :o)

  3. I have no idea what you're talking about but it looks like fun and that is cool. :D



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