Small/Tall Style: [blue & orange]

Hello friends!
It's been a few weeks since we've participated in Small Style... so I thought I'd throw together some recent shots of the cuties (and mama too).  
The colour palette being: blue & orange

Azriel is proud to be the big sister... though I think 'big' may soon be 'small' at the rate this Hudson chunk is growing!  
I think he's sneaking some Miracle Grow on the side... because at 7 weeks old - he's already in 6month clothing! Gah!

He's quite the rascal this one, just look at those silly faces.

Then there's my silly face... er, hair.  It's been called "creamsicle" now which is fitting!

Yes, I still end up dressing in the same colours as my kids some days.
I was trying to get out of my frumpy clothes for once this week... and even got to have a mini-date with my Ben (and Hudson) at Chapters... that Chai Latte never tasted so good!

Anyways, this is that painted feather skirt I made. 
 Two ways of wearing it over/under a dress shirt... think I prefer the second look though.

That's our Small & Tall Style post for the day.
Can I just be lazy and say that all our threads are either gifted or thrifted?  Thanks!

Have a beauty day,
Mel ;o)


  1. they are so sweet. nice that Azriel has adjusted well to having a sibling. love you hair and you are looking great!

  2. Oh boy!  We must get Hudson's present to you soon or he'll be too big for it!  May we drop it over some time soon?

  3. Thanks for popping over to my blog. Your family is so cute but your hair, oh my goodness it's amazing!!! Have a wonderful Thursday! 

    :) sandi // www.adalouvintage.blogspot.com

  4. www.aidylewoh.blogspot.com29 March 2012 at 11:59

    Goodness! Your little boy is quite the big fellow! =)

  5.  hehe, thanks!  You're pretty darn cute yourself Maria! ;o)

  6.  I know eh?  "Little" seems to be an oxymoron with this chunk! Thanks for visiting. ;o)

  7.  thank you Blue belle! :o)

  8.  Yes, yes do!.. I messaged Astrid to tell you! Thank you! xo

  9.  Thank you Claudia.. you're sweet to say that, and we're grateful for her well 'adjustedness'.. heh.

  10. Nathan was like that, too. What cuties!

  11. oh I love his crazy faces - he is going to be  areal little character, Beautiful skirt on you too.

  12. I love your outfit, AND your hair! I'd totally dye my hair again if I didn't have to appear "presentable" for M-F. I kinda like my grays, tho... Your kids? Are totally adorable! I've thought of doing a small style post or three... but my kid is lucky to get out of the house in anything but pajamas these days. (sheepish)

  13.  Thanks!  That's the perks of stay-at-home'ing... I can look as crazy as I want now... but I hear you on the work issue.  Gray is the crown of wisdom though eh? ;o) How old are your kids?? Have a beauty weekend!

  14.  ...he cracks me up everytime with them.  Thank you - its fun to paint on clothing! ;o)

  15.  My little one is two, and I have more grays than ever since he came along! I wish I could stay at home... I say that all the time. ;)

  16.  oh yes, that's right - I should've remembered your 'precocious spawn' from that previous comment! ;o)  hehe. 


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