dear son. hudson.

Dear Hudson,

Six weeks ago you entered the world, and lodged yourself right into the core of our squishy hearts.
You have literally grown right before our eyes - packing on a pound each week - you are the milk junkie.
 Your big sister Azriel is still delighted by your presence, and always directs me to feed you when you're crying - while smothering you with kisses and hugs every moment she can.

Your rascally goofy grin cracks me up every time, and your giggle is pure delight.

These are the wonders I know I'll remember... despite the sleepless nights.
...despite the screaming bowels of contempt.
...despite the insatiable desire to feed.
...despite the resulting constant supply of gas/poop delivered by you.

It's been a sloppy ride these first few weeks,
I thought the 'second baby' would be a breeze - a 'been there done that' approach.
But every child is unique, and so is the parenting.

Everything we did with Azriel:: has been undone and reformatted with you.
bassinet :: to co-sleeping
pacifier :: to complete rejection of soothers
scheduled feeds :: to demand/seeking to 'move' your bowels!

In either approach, we're seeking to love and raise you the best we can.
Now don't tell Hudson he's wearing pink (or his sister's hand-me-downs)... but I love doing these comparison shots!

[You may also recognise Azriel's magical tu-tu she still delights in]. 

Yes, these are the lil' hoots in our nest,
Mel ;o)


  1. Ahhh, he's so precious!! I need to see him and hold him and smell him. I need a dose of some baby love.

  2. Oh I wish I didn't live so far away, I would love to give him a cuddle. Thanks for your kind message, I am feeling much better - even managed a bit of making today.

  3.  Glad to hear you're feeling better!  I'll squish him extra from you today Annie ;o)

  4.  Yesss he is.. and yes we need to plan a get-2-gether with the ladies!

  5. A pound a week?!  I don't think it's milk you're giving him but 35% cream!!!  Our Sadie couldn't be more the opposite of Abby too... for which I'm very, very grateful!

  6.  I know right?!  To think I was worried my milk would suffer after surgery.. but he's found a way to pull it up from my very toes it seems... lacto-voire!  Glad it sounds like you're getting a nice 'second round' there in parenting. :o) xo


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