dust fairy..

You know that beautiful moment when you sit in a glowing ray of sunshine?
But then it illuminates all the dust particles ... and you try to hold your breath to not inhale all the floating junk?! 

Well, maybe I'm a germ-a-phob on this issue because it honestly creeps me out (though I know I'm breathing it in all day).. just seeing it is gross.
So, years ago I tried to convince myself is was simply 'fairy dust'... and then opted to sit in the dusty sunbeams as if they were my very own magical snow globe. 

Now it seems that someone else in this nest has found the magic...
...and she dances in this sparkling constellation.

Sweet fairy.

dust n' delight,
Mel ;o)


  1. Love how you caught the light. Beautiful. :)


  2. I feel the same way! Seeing it makes you feel so much worse about it >.<

  3.  oh good I'm not the only one! hah.  I know, ignorance is bliss on this issue! ;o)

  4.  thanks Nev!  I love how the light floods into a different window all throughout the day... its such a beauty backdrop for pictures (and the only way I want to take them when inside the house).  Have a beauty weekend friend. :o)


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