shrug it off...

A short story:
Once there was a crazy mama who wished she could make a pillow as soft as her kitty's warm fuzzy belly...

...since in reality, her couch pillows were as inviting as a burlap sac.

"Aha" says she.
"My cozy knit shrug could be upcycled into pillow sleeve covers"...
...and that she did.

The end.
(P.S: the speed with which I hatch an idea like this - and carry it out - prevents me from recognising certain issues... i.e. the fact that this knit shrug perfectly resembles the coarse Berber carpet going up our stairwell, and that association now makes these pillows seem less appealing. Oops!)
Have a wonderful weekend friends!
Mel ;o)


  1. Haha, WELL they look cute right?

    PS: I cannot get over how awesome your hair isssss.

  2. Looove the hair colour! And that doily (?) oh and Lime likes your cat :D


  3.  Hullo Nev!  Thanks - I'm lovin' it too... and I'm sure you could rock your own wild mama hair colour too :o)  I totally went giddy to thrift that giant couch doily last year.. love it!  Thanks Lime, this cat is the cuter of our two (my Ben would say you're welcome to take them tho) heheh.  Hugs to your crew~

  4.  Yes, yes they do!  Thanks for lovin' on my doo...  someday I'll go dark again and try to look all sleek and elegant like you. ;o) xo

  5. We might want a cat one day (I'm sure I do hehe) so thanks Ben ;)

    Hugs to your crew too.


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