foxy friends

Remember being introduced to Mr. & Mrs. Fox during our tour of Azriel's room a long time ago?  Well, I'm delighted to announce that my daughter is currently obsessed with them as her play-fellows.  
Gosh, I feel so validated as a crafty mama - my kid actually enjoys the toys I made her!

When Azriel isn't smothering her new baby brother... she's often found snuggling the foxes.
Introducing Mr.Fox to the giant from the Pilgrim's Progress quilt.
Putting Foxy Lady into the baby bouncy seat. 

The foxes supervise her while she paints.. or dances.. or has play time with the other stuffed animals.

You'll be happy to know Azriel is past her awkward pronunciation stage too:
not "foc"
(I probably should have just called them 'rats' ..)
Do your kids have a favourite toy?
Do you remember yours as a child?

I was a sucker for G.I.Joe's... and My Little Pony... and Popples!

Playful mama,
Mel ;o) 

P.S: the pattern for these foxy friends was from the book "Sew Me, Love Me".


  1. Stephanie Precourt6 March 2012 at 15:48


  2.  thanks Steph! :o)

  3. Oh so cute, she is being a mama too. They just absorb everything that is going on around them at that age : )

  4. And I LOVE those foxes BTW

  5.  its true!  Our wee sponges... trying to make sure this mama squeezes out the good stuff too for her to absorb. ;o)  I assume you're a mama Annie?  To whom... I'd love to know? xo


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