confessions [of a mama]. part 5.

I think it's been a while since my last confession... and this one has been brewing in my mind for quite a while now.  My mama confessions is this: I am utterly baffled.confused.lost as to the playground 'etiquette' of parents.  Every so often, we take our daughter to different playgrounds around our town.  Call it the communal watering hole for meeting other toddlers and parents.  As much as I fear love the idea of meeting other families... I often get worried when we walk towards a playground sprawling with other kids. In my experience, you're bound to meet a few of these:
*the Passive Parent - sits back on the bench reading a paper.. oblivious to their kid dangling off the highest monkey bar.
*the Paranoid Parent - hovers over the child... constantly checking their every move with warnings like, "careful, slower, watch out!".. "don't go under there.. a cat probably pooped there!".

 *the Poop-head Parent (and that's the 'nice' term) - acts exasperated to even be dragged out to the playground... yells at their child with language not fitting even a sailor.

*the Pleasant Parent - encourages their child to explore.laugh.play... they show delight to engage with the kids around them... and are sociable with parents.

Now, that's just to name a few.  Depending on the parents we run into, my mood can be dramatically effected.  Before motherhood... most stuff hit me like water to a duck's back... my heart-rate stayed at a near flat line.  Now that I am a mom... I love.rage.cry.laugh like a nutcase in zero to sixty!  So yes, when we are at the playgrounds I get confused to say the least.  Should I interact with other kids - help them up the stairs if the parent isn't?  Am I the only mama that wants to lunge at the 'Poop-head' parent and wring their neck for saying such words to a child?!  Can I give a round of applause to the kindness shown of the 'Pleasant' parent... and join in on their dance parade around the slides?

I just don't get playgrounds.

Azriel doesn't get them either.  She sees playgrounds as a pile of clutter that gets in the way of her playing in the dirt I think.

What's your take on the playground ground rules?
Good luck out there!
Mel :o)


  1. I am the "ANXIOUS AUNT" who is even more paranoid than the parent - because if they go home with a scrape I'll never be allowed to take them anywhere again! :-) maybe I can come with you to the playground sometime and you can see for yourself.
    Aunt D

  2. Hi Melissa
    I remember the wacky feeling of bafflement at playgrounds...to top it all off there are different social strata playgrounds:  the wealthy playground with nannies sitting around chatting, the funky alternative playground with a brick oven for baking homemade bread, the bereft playground with killer unpainted equipment and needles lying around.  The thing I remember most was the wonder of a playground at all!  I lived in the country and a playground was a treat.  I also remember that I used the playground as a place to refuel.  Being a stay at home mom I so enjoyed that the playground was a safe place to sit and daydream while my child happily played about.  I would observe the full time work moms actively engaging their child in 'archeological digs' while I mindlessly stared at my toes in the sand... I think I was a pleasant passive parent...and my kids turned out fine!  I think they enjoyed playing without me (once they got a little older).  What a safe and happy place!  Mommy nearby, the sun shining... a perfect spot to spread your wings...
    Happy parenting!

  3. don't forget the " I would reather socialize then watch my kid" parent....who I have found to be a close relative to the "It was your kid who did it" parent!
    think I'm with you....maybe stay home and let the kids play in the forest in our backyard  :)


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