Azriel was rocking out her thrifted OskKosh B'Gosh overalls the other day!  (Yet another outfit provided by the eager shopping of 'Grandma' for her first grandchild)... I have a soft spot for OshKosh simply because of how it's cute name rolls around my mouthI also admit to having a pair of 'train conductor' overalls by OshKosh a few years ago.... <shudder>.

Yes, overalls are much cuter on kids... though really annoying for diaper/potty breaks!
Speaking of cute though, do you ever count how many times a day you gaze at your child... and just go 'gosh'.  Sometimes I forget to blink as my hungry eyes just want to savour every moment, every word, every expression she makes in a day...  

B'goshed mama,

Linking this small style up with Mama Loves Papa again!


  1. love that first pout picture. and i agree, overalls totally cuter on kids even though i rocked them in my late teens.

  2. Oh gosh, I love that first face. Adorable!
    I am a sucker for vintage osh kosh overalls. they remind me of when my eldest was a little boy 20 years ago!

  3. What a cutie! I love how your fingerless gloves turned out in one of your previous posts. So cute!



  4. I agree, kids usually look better in overalls. but they're so comfy! and I never thanked you for the link to 'my owl barn', it's awesome, thanks for thinking of me :) have a great weekend!!


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