slide.show.sunday.take 23.

Hey friends, can you believe it's almost December?!
This past week flew by - and looking at our quickly filling calendar - I think this coming month may be a merry blur.  So here's the weekend slide.show to recap this past weekend:
Lots was happening downtown this weekend... my parents, daughter, and I went to check out the fun on Friday afternoon..

We said hello to Donner & Blitzen the reindeer... Azriel was attempting to kiss them!

Embracing our patriotic palette: mama and daughter munching on our first beaver tail (read: deep fried pastry goodness smothered in gooey apple toppings!)

Saturday we headed back downtown with some friends for coffee.window shopping. and lunch at the Planet... then Azi showed us her 'moves' on the trampoline while touring our friend's new house purchase.

Empty house tour = impromptu preggo photo shoot!  Love those big old windows.

Afternoon crafting session of prepping some flags for a fabric advent calendar I want to make for our home.

We checked out a few local craft shows on the way up to the in-laws for family dinner Saturdays.  Then feasted the evening away!

Hope your weekend was delightful too,
See you soon,
Mel :o)


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your fabric advent calendar!

  2.  hey Jo, me too!  I'm sort of 'winging it' - as usual, but I think it will come together - I will definitely post pics when I get it done and hung.. hopefully by Dec.1st! ;o)

  3. Yellowfiinchdesigns29 November 2011 at 14:08

    can't wait to see that advent calendar too ;) what a great idea!


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