D.I.Y - upcycle sweater into mitts..

You may be noticing a theme around this nest lately... grabbing anything I can find and upcycling it into cozy accessories (that, and eating chocolate, is how I prepare for winter!).
So here we go again - I'm sure there's links all over the internet for this kind of project - this is just my super fast.stupid easy approach to the sweater upcycle (again). 

1. Flop your hand down on sweater sleeve and cut around (an extra inch of space at least).
2. The wrist cuff usually makes an instant cuff for your mitten... so all you need to stitch is the top flap around your fingers (remember to stitch it inside out to not see the seam). 

(Sure you can get extra fancy and add a cozy liner inside, or elastic around the wrists, or ribbons and bells and embroidered fat Santas... but that's your call.)

Next project (since that took all of five minutes):
Wrist Warmers!

1. Flop your forearm down the sides of your sweater.  
2. Cut out the 'sleeves' for your wrists.

3. When flipping over the seam at the top of your wrist warmer.. you can pin in some extra lace to attach to the inside.  Seen below.

Lace just adds a sweet touch... you can also sew on wee buttons as 'cuff-links' and other such fun you envision.  These are super cozy... and cuddly (I like to snuggle my daughter in them).

Speaking of daughter... here's the conclusion to our last sweater upcycle... (that one sweater has now made FIVE cozy accessories).. including this reindeer toque I made her!  Doesn't Azriel look so impressed?

Well that's all the coziness I can handle for one post,
happy sewing friends!
We're linking this up with other fun tutorials over at Hope Studios!
Mel ;o)


  1. Now THIS is a great idea! I've got a couple sweaters I don't fit into anymore.  I may give this a shot!

  2.  omigosh you HAVE to make a Mr&Mrs. matching pair! Or sew one BIG glove that both your hand fit into... what a perfect newlywed Christmas gift for him... right? heehee.  You can do it!

  3. I love this idea and your blog!  I've pinned some of your cool ideas and projects, but wish you had google friends connect so I could keep up with your posts.  

  4. Hello! Thanks for stopping in - I do have a Needle and Nest design page on Pinterest... and if you just go to the top of my home page you can "Follow" which puts you into the unseen Google friends pot! :o)  Hope that helps - happy to have you at the nest!


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