cozy sweater.cool winds.crunchy leaves...

The autumn leaves have danced out their final notes around these parts.  Frosty days are headed our way - even this morning encased the car in ice!

These shots were taken over a week ago... so Azriel was still able to run outside in her sweet vintage Winnie the Pooh cable knit sweater. 

Cute little cherub cheeks all ablush with the crispness of autumn air.

Azriel wears:
Winnie the Pooh sweater/skirt: Zellers
White leggings: gifted.
Pink.fur boots: Robeez (thrifted)
Small Style is brought to you by the birthday girl Morgan over at Mama Loves Papa.

Have a beauty day!
Mel :o)

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  1. Beautiful! That first picture captures the magic of autumn perfectly.


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