slide.show.sunday.take 20.

Hello friends... here's another episode of our weekend in snapshots:

Saturday morning proved, once again, that Ben is the bestest husband... home from the bakery at 6:30am... he washed all the dinner party dishes from the previous night and had blueberry pancakes cooking up for his gals!

We headed downtown for some morning fun.. hanging out at Black Honey Cafe where my artworks are still on display (and yes, a 30+mama can still wear pigtails!).

Over to Hunter West Gallery to view my artist.friend's beautiful paintings... you may remember my recent post about her.

Candid camera caught Ben sneaking a few zzz's from getting up at 2:30am.

Walking around downtown in the beautiful sun (what the heck is this tree?)... and grabbing a yummy fresh lunch at the Planet.

While daughter naps mama can sneak off to the garage and 'play in the clay' (fact: my artistic ability increases with the amount my tongue sticks out!).  Working on some new pottery for a christmas craft show.

Up to the in-laws for 'family dinner Saturday' as usual.  Azi loves her white wonder dog, Hazel there.

A beautiful, sunny, family filled weekend had here!

Hope yours was lovely too,
see you tomorrow!

Mel ;o)


  1. Love them...
    Its a Ginko Tree, very smelly:)

  2. looks like a good and fun way to spend the weekend :) and how cute is your white wonder dog?!

  3. phew - good thing I have genius readers!  Those berries were totally throwing me..  thanks. :o)


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